RyuGaming.com Pilot Phase!

Given some of the recent happenings with ESEA, and combined with your feedback, we've decided to jump in a bit further to help the CSGO community, and expect to have some exciting things to announce in the coming weeks.

Head on over to www.RyuGaming.com and register for the forums to help us in our pilot phase while we test and validate things before our official "Go Live". And please feel free to post any questions, comments, feedback, etc.


ESEA Bitcon Scandal - Thoughts and a Lesson in Leadership

I'm not going to spend too much time on my personal opinions of the SEVERITY of the issue. We all agree what ESEA did was WRONG, and a lot of energy has already been spent debating the "level of wrong".

​I'll also say that the few interactions I've had directly with Torbull have always been very positive, and I have never heard a story of someone having a different experience. He's very well liked by us in the community. His counter-part... well, that's a different story. 

​What I'm going to focus on in this post is the response from ESEA in an effort to elaborate on the HUGE opportunity for leadership and how this situation could've (probably should've) been handled. 

At first, I was encouraged to see Torbull reel in lpkane, slap on the gag order, and share his personal thoughts/emotions of being embarrassed and ashamed. He stated that he would ​have an official statement once he could get his arms around the situation. That set up "his moment"-- the moment where he could have elevated his game and demonstrated immense leadership and responsibility. "His time to shine", as it were. 

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How else can we add value?

If you've followed me (Ryu) or this site for any period of time, you know we like to add value to the eSports/CS:GO community in a variety of ways. We've done everything from hosting LAN events, to guiding other LAN organizers, to informative articles/posts, to countless product giveaways, and lately, even product reviews. 

RyuLAN Players Only.png

Now we're looking to you to provide us with feedback on what else we can be doing to help. Anything come to mind that would be valuable, make you a better player, or provide you with a more enjoyable time when you do get to play? 

If you have any ideas in that realm please shoot me an email, use the Contact page, hit me on Twitter (@RyuLAN_), or leave a comment here. Happy fragging!

Lessons from ESEA LAN - Season 13

It was a long weekend, and up until the last minute, I had thought of attending in person. Instead, I was able to follow most of the action via Twitter (@RyuLAN_) and the Twitch.tv streams. It was an enjoyable weekend of matches, despite the NA teams not having the levels of success I was personally hoping for. Below are some of the things we learned from the event and related interviews.

Playtime matters

​This is one that gets tossed up and then shot down on the forums as an "excuse" for why the North American teams are not quite at the level of the European teams. I'd state that it's actually a fact. If you don't believe the amount of time spent playing the game on a regular basis matters, I encourage you to listen to NiP's Friberg interview on HLTV.org

He says about Virtus Pro "They're one of the few teams that actually plays a lot. I mean, they almost play as much as we do"... and then says "They (Virtus Pro) put in the hours to actually compete with us". 

Playtime matters, period. Now let's move on to figuring out how to get more of it... ​

​Europe's Average Teams are Better than the NA Average Teams

It's true, and I'm not afraid to say it. Team for team, the EU is better. Now, there are a handful of NA teams that CAN AND DO compete on the level of the world's best, but with those few exceptions, the NA scene has a lot of room to improve. ​

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ESEA LAN - BENQ Contest!

ESEA LAN is this weekend, and features some of the best teams from around the world, including the current #1 team, Ninjas in Pyjamas. While making a last minute decision to NOT attend the event in person this season (sorry all), I wanted to at least add some spice to the mix for those that will be tuning in this weekend. So here it is:


That's it. Comment on this post, tune in, and watch the ESEA LAN this weekend via the Twitch streams or GO:TV, and you could win. Now get your cheer on, and think positive, happy thoughts for the North American teams!


  1. Post your alias in a comment to this post with the North American team you believe will win the ESEA LAN
  2. Posts must be made by the first round of the first match on FRIDAY, April 19th
  3. That team must be a North American team, and they must win the event
  4. You can only enter 1 time-- if you post more than once, you are disqualified
  5. Be available on Sunday when the champions are crowned
  6. You must be able to receive the monitor (customs can be a challenge), which most likely means only U.S. or Canadian entrants (but that's certain)
  7. If you pick a North American team to win it, and they do, you and others that also picked that team will be assigned a number and chosen via number generator
  8. Where applicable, the winner of the drawing may be required to answer a question to constitute a "skilled contest"
  9. Rules subject to change at any time, for any reason (though they're not expected to, it can happen)
  10. I will announce winner on stream at twitch.tv/RyuCS (and may do the winner generator that way)